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"David (Teitelbaum) is the king of adaptive reuse in New York City"
Michael Ainslie, President, National Trust for Historic Preservation

"Mr. Teitelbaum has contributed significantly to New York City both as a developer as the founder of Cathedral Stoneworks. His projects in both ventures have been highly successful, preserving our city's rich heritage while contributing actively to the build environment. Mr. Teitelbaum is highly respected in New York City's preservation community and further afield for his workable and practical approach to preservation".
David Dinkins, Mayor, The City of New York

David Teitelbaum, National Trust seminar at Barbizon Hotel with Micheal Ainsley and Lorie Hammil.

"Both as a developer and with Cathedral Stoneworks, he (David Teitelbaum) has been involved with many of the most ambitious building and restoration projects in New York. His impact on the preservation community in New York and the rest of the country has been significant, and his is highly respected by everyone in the field for his workable and practical approach to preservation".
Laurie Beckelman, Chair, Landmarks Preservation Commission

David Teitelbaum with Mayor Ed Koch.

David Teitelbaum moderates the NYU J-51 seminar.

"Although he hails from California, David has become very popular here in New York as a developer who obviously understands the need to make projects come in on budget while, at the same time, having a genuine concern for, and sensitivity to, the requirements of historic preservation. I cannot think of a developer who is better informed on historic preservation or a preservationist who better understands the complexities of financing, planning, and actively constructing and marketing a project."
Kent Barwick, President, The Municipal Art Society

"David (Teitelbaum) - enviably young, intelligent, energetic -- perceives that it is possible to improve the architectural fabric of New York City, not by destroying handsome, old buildings, but by discovering sympathetic new uses"
Brendan Gill, Chair of the New York Landmarks Conservancy, & Architectural critic of the New Yorker Magazine

"David (Teitelbaum) likes to take sexy projects, the ones people gave up on, and make them happen".
Iris Weinshall, project manager, New York State Urban Development Corp

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