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A Prestigious Tradition. Cathedral Stoneworks is a full-service stone fabrication and restoration company predicated on a high-tech variation of a 13th-century theme. We're restoration experts, with complex projects to our credit. We run the Stoneyard institute, the only program of its kind in the United States, which, since 1979, has trained over 100 youths from inner city neighborhoods in the fine arts of cutting stone.

The cutting Edge. Now add another dimension: the latest European technology. Cathedral Stoneworks installed the first computer driven saws and routers ever brought to this country. Then we took the computers that drive the robotic machines and interfaced them with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology adapted from the cutting edge of medical research. As a result, we have created an innovative, fully integrated stone facility unlike any other in the world.

Gifted Artisans. No stoneyard is complete without a staff of talented and experienced artisans to do what machines will never do: bring intimacy and individuality to the stone. Cathedral Stoneworks is proud to employ more international crafts men and women than any other stone firm in the U.S.

From the Heart. Most important of all, beyond the computers and high-tech saws, beyond our extensive restoration capability and the cosmopolitanism of our staff, there remains an essential element that sets Cathedral Stoneworks apart from all other stone companies. It's the spirit of our people and the dedication to their craft.

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David Teitlebaum - President and Chief Executive

David Teitlebaum founded Cathedral Stoneworks in 1989 after a twenty-year real estate career specializing in the adaptive reuse of historic properties. Under his leadership, Cathedral Stoneworks rapidly emerged as a high-profile player in the stone industry, unique for its combination of strengths in high tech stone fabrication, fine carving, and restoration. His acquisitions of the Alabama Limestone Company in 1992, followed by expansion of its fabrication capabilities, worker training and productivity improvements, have positioned the company as an important competitive source of high-quality limestone.

Mr. Teitlebaum also has become and industry spokesman. In 1993 alone, he addressed the Building Stone Institute (New Orleans), Stone Expo (Orlando), the International Economic Development Conference (Quebec), the National Computer Graphics Association (Philadelphia), and Restoration 93 (Boston). Mr. Teitlebaum and Cathedral Stoneworks received the 1993 Industry Leadership Award for Technological Innovation from Stone World, and the CAD Application Award from the National Computer Graphics Association CAD Society.

Through his actives in real estate and historic preservation, Mr. Teitlebaum established valuable relationships with leading architects, property owners, building contractions, government officials and institutional representatives. In the earl 1970’s he was a pioneer in the conversion of office space into apartments. One of his best-known projects was the adaptive reuse of the 700,000 square-foot U. S. Federal Archives, a magnificent brick Romanesque Revival Landmark in Greenwich Village. Through an innovative partnership among federal, state, city and private interests. The Archive Partnership created the multi-million dollar New York City Historic Properties Fund that provides grants and revolving loans to support restoration of neighborhood landmarks. Among Mr. Teitlebaum’s other conversion and restoration projects are the Barbizon Hotel, Fairfax Hotel, and the Rodin Studios.

Mr. Teitlebaum is a founding board member of the Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts, and a board member of the Municipal Art Society and the Historic House Trust. He was instrumental in developing tax incentives that helped create affordable housing for New York City. He also taught seminars in real estate development and joint-venture partnership at the New York University Real Estate Institute.

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